Saturday, 1 December 2007

Summer Update

Taken in part from my monthly update on

The greenhouses are happening! The first one is 99% complete. It just needs a little reinforcing so it’ll last longer through wind and storms. There are new raised beds in there, a hanging basket of strawberries, dozens of new plants, paths of sawdust (the other mulch was breaking down too quickly) and a new-and-improved door! I am so happy with it, and it just feels productive already!

I am still adding to the fruit tree collection, and they’re still nestled in a corner of the greenhouse. With the regular rain we’ve been having, I think we might plant them out this weekend, and hope for a wet December. Lemonade, Meyer Lemon and a Bay Tree were my most recent purchases.

I’ve been busily spotting wild foods in the forest this past month. The latest and tastiest is the Millaa Vine (Elaeagnus triflora). It has small glossy leaves and red oval-shaped berries like a large lillypilly. We have lillypillies too, but they're really sour. There are various types of guavas in the forest, it's probably nearing time to go hunting for some to eat! And the raspberries are flowering, so maybe we will get some. Enough to make some berry jam would be a bonus!

Will take photos of all the progress one fine day!

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