Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Day in the Garden

This morning my garden brought me much joy (and dirty fingernails) so I thought I'd share the progress...

I harvested three cucumbers and four pumpkins today. I love the harvesting part of gardening!

I also thinned some Radishes, planted out some Eggplant and Italian Bean seedlings, and also some pretty Petunias. I like flowers in my vegie patch! I have Gerberas, Nasturtiums, Petunias, Native Violet and something else I always forget the name of as well. :p I put in a few new parsley plants too. The Rocket, Cabbages and Carrots should need planting out this week I guess. And the Peas and Broad Beans too.

I found the solution to the mice, I think! Putting the seedling punnets in the mouse cage has worked - they're all sprouting! So far, so good...

I also planted some trees today, three varieties of natives, as well as a Tangelo, a Fingered Citron, a Jakfruit, Blackberry Jam Fruit, Rollinia Deliciosa. I also planted out some Dwarf Sugar Cane and some other cane that clumps and doesn't grow too huge and makes great garden stakes.

I have several Pineapples and Chokos to plant yet (this week?). I just keep on planting those, can never have too many!

I weeded the Pineapple garden and the huge patch of 70+ trees closely planted for a noise break/privacy screen from the road. It's a mix of about 15% edibles and 85% natives. Possibly more edibles in there than I know, because I didn't record all the names of the natives I bought! Grrr. It looks nice now that it's weed-free though. There weren't many, because it's thickly mulched, but they do get away in the wet season.

I made maps of some more areas and labeled the trees etc on the maps. I've done this for the orchard areas and it's really useful. I think I have five maps now as I try to fill our house paddock with trees.

I hope you're enjoying some time in the garden too...

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