Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Today in the Garden

Today I took some photos in the garden, and thought I'd share...

Part of the weekend sweet potato harvest.

A purple sweet potato vine.

A little sugarloaf cabbage in the herb patch.

Here's some of the girls - these hybrid hens are our egg machines. They're a bit wet and scruffy looking today, but they're very happy eating bugs and worms between rain showers. They're around a year old and we have five hens like this.

This garden runs along one side of the greenhouse. It contains ceylon spinach, sugarloaf cabbage, broccoli, radish - red and white, tomatoes, bok choy, peas, Italian beans, petunias, native violet, various lettuce, land cress, rocket, silverbeet, leeks, onions, parsley and probably a lot more!


MyThreeDaughters said...

What breed are the chooks? Our neighbours at our new house have these, and one walked past our back gate the other day.

Anonymous said...

ok Belinda, that sugar cabbage looks too perfect....I'm sending over some green caterpillar thingies LOL!

The garden is looking great, WTG


Bel said...

Thanks Molly! That one is in the herb patch and I think the herbs deter pests! It's friends in the other garden beds have been nibbled already.

No green caterpillars for me, thanks! The chooks would love some though!

Bel said...

Linda, the chooks I think are called Lowman Browns. They are a red cross - Rhode Island Red/New Hampshire and give a light brown egg. We've taken eggs from them for our bantams to raise and the young are all white so far. Almost all of our chickens are cross-breeds.

Mumma Bear said...

Gorgeous photos :)