Friday, 1 October 2010

Weaning and Surplus Milk

We weaned Poppy a couple of months ago now. She took it really well. We moved her up to the main paddock with Honey and the horses, and they roamed about getting fat on the lush winter grass. Because Poppy is a foster calf, Lucy didn't mind that we took her away.

Finally, when Wags was 6 months old we weaned him from Lucy as well. They called to each other day and night, and at any possible chance Lucy fed Wags through fences. He kept escaping and she wasn't very co-operative at milking time. After several days we put a trough in the back paddock and put up some electric fencing to keep Honey, Poppy and Wags up there for awhile. Now that Lucy can't see them she's being really co-operative, even taking herself into the shed each day at milking time, without being called.

At first I had to milk her twice a day because her supply was so huge, but now we have cut it back to 9 litres, once a day, which is manageable. I've been making yoghurt, kefir, custard, white sauce, labneh (yoghurt 'cheese') and all sorts of milkshakes and smoothies. I'm keen to try more cheese-making as my attempts so far have not tasted so great! If you have recipes for using up excess milk (and eggs), I'd love to try them.

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queen of string said...

Gavin is busy posting on simple, green, frugal about his cheese making. It all looks fab and uses huge amounts of milk, might be worth a go :-)