Thursday, 20 September 2007


As well as the plants and animals we've brought to the farm, I am fascinated by local species.

We’ve been blessed to see some unusual wildlife close to our home. Last month we saw a tree kangaroo. We’ve never seen one before, not even in captivity, so it was such a treat to have one amongst the trees just metres from our front door.

Not long before that we were driving along our road and close to our front gate we saw an echidna digging a hole in the cutting on the side of the road. Perhaps it was digging for food?

When we took our wwoofers down to see the creek at our back boundary, two of the resident platypuses were sitting on a rock in the middle of the water.


Ali said...

we regulalry see kangaroos when we walk in the nearby bush, but I'd love to see an echidna or platypus. That was great that your WWOOFers go to see them :)

Bel said...

Hey Ali, have you ever seen a tree kangaroo? They're cousins to the usual kangaroos and they climb trees to eat leaves. They're quite cuddly like a giant possom, standing up like a kangaroo and have a huge tail.