Thursday, 20 September 2007


Have you heard of WWOOF?

We had our first wwoofers here last month. And we were their first wwoof hosts! We have a few friends who are wwoof hosts and decided to join up ourselves.
Some of the tasks our first wwoofers completed included:

  • Sanded and stained the timber handles of the big garden tools
  • Weeded and mulched the lily garden
  • Planted new fruit trees
  • Made eight tree guards and ‘guarded’ the new fruit trees
  • Planted fruit and nut tree seeds into tubes
  • Planted vegetable seeds into seedling punnets
  • Set these up with clear plastic over them to protect from any frosts
  • Cleaned up the sheds and helped move stuff from one shed to another
  • Moved and stacked firewood
  • Cleared cyclone debris from under trees into a pile for burning
  • Picked fruit (locally)
  • Juiced fruit
  • Helped with meal prep and clean up
  • Entertained the kids (a LOT)
  • Fed and watered the animals
  • Chopped at big weeds with a machete

In turn, they were supplied with accommodation - single beds in a caravan beside the house with TV/DVD etc, three good meals and unlimited snacks, tea etc each day, pickup from a nearby town and drop off to another town at their next wwoof hosts, use of internet, laundry and other facilities, brief trips to town every couple of days. They said it was really luxurious here compared to the camping and backpacking they’ve been doing for awhile now.

I was really impressed with our first wwoof experience.

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