Sunday, 7 October 2007

Fact Sheets and Online Gardening Info

There is some fantastic info online for gardeners. I often do a quick Google if the computer's on, rather than hunting down the right page in a gardening book. Books are fantastic resources and I love to sit and browse and absorb all the info. I use the computer more for quick research tasks though.

Here are some fact sheets I've found useful -

Bulleen Art & Garden Fact Sheets

Burke's Backyard Gardening Fact Sheets

Gardening Australia's Fact Sheets

Introduction to Permaculture - 155 page pdf file

Other places to search for info are your local council's website, nursery websites within your state, local tree-planting/revegetation groups, the Department of Environment, and sites for other gardening TV shows and publications such as Earth Garden.

Fact sheets make a useful addition to a gift of potted plants or seeds. Print out appropriate fact sheet and include with the gift if the recipient is likely to need some info to keep their growing gift alive.

Another source of info is online forums. I've found some great friends and answers at sites like -

Aussies Living Simply

Permaculture Research Institute

There are more forums attached to the gardening TV and magazine websites, as well as more specific ones to do with chooks, bushtucker, natives, roses, etc. Happy networking!

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Miss K said...

thanks for those links, they look interesting will have a proper read later, :)