Thursday, 25 October 2007

Greenhouse Update

Everything is flourishing in the greenhouse. I spread mulch all through the non-planted areas the other weekend, and moved two more raised beds into place. I'm currently filling the raised beds with whatever I can get away with so I don't have to cart toooo much soil by wheelbarrow! I have been harvesting for salads, snacks and stirfries - which is the best part of having a garden I think. Oh, next to the surplus that makes for a nice big cook-up or jam-making session.

I have been having issues with seedlings. I have some little visitors who come in the night and dig up my seeds for a snack. Or nibble the fresh seedling sprouts. Or pull the things out of their punnets! I think the cat is going to get the sack if he doesn't hurry up and get to work in the greenhouse!

This is yam, tomato, comfrey, sweet potato and maybe the tip of a yacon leaf
- all rambing on the greenhouse floor.


Mrs Mecomber said...

Oh your plants look so cozy in your beautiful greenhouse! You have done a good job.

I have an outside garden and even though I lay down plenty of seeds, nothing comes up. When I dig around, I find empty seed husks. I strongly suspect it is either the chipmunks of the minions of crows that steal my seeds. In some cases I have to sow two or three times!

IndigoViolet said...

Your greenhouse looks so beautiful!

blueblue said...

Wow, things are really growing well there for you. Love the greenhouse.