Tuesday, 22 February 2011

To Do List

I don't remember when my gardens have been such a mess... During the wet season we always battle with weeds and grass, mulch rots away at an incredible speed, and all sorts of crazy food vines smother our world!

But right around now, as Autumn looms, I start to look at seed catalogues and want to clear some space, let the light in, mulch and feed everything in anticipation of the winter crops - our chance to eat more European vegetables and less tropical substitutes.

Here is my To-Do list for the coming few weeks...
* Plant trees in gaps left by Yasi (I have trees, will wait for the moon)
* Transplant last 3 trees from near the chook pen (they aren't happy)
* Divide ginger and arrowroot and plant these in other places
* Check Tahitian spinach, African yam, Golden Taro and other Taro for dividing and planting out
* Harvest sweet potato and plant runners everywhere, especially under the bananas
* Cut back all summer bean, luffa etc vines and use to top up the empty raised beds
* Cardboard on garden paths again, add sawdust if I can find some (to absorb moisture)
* Brushcutting behind vegetable gardens, around trellises
* Trim the passionfruit vine a lot
* Tidy up the bananas some more, check for suckers to transplant
* Weed the vegie gardens and paths, fill compost
* Collect some dry leaves and other organic matter for compost and raised beds (from around the farm)
* Buy some mulch hay
* Choose seeds and start seedlings
* Gather soil and compost and take to gardens
* Rake out chook house for more manure for compost


Just A Gal said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of work! Good luck!

africanaussie said...

Great to find someone who is growing the same things I am! I am just north of Mossman so a very similar area. I am sooo looking forward to the rain stopping and getting my "normal" vegetables going again. I have a few seedlings started, but they need a bit more sunshine. This is the first wet season I have had success with ginger and it sounds as though you keep it growing through the year. Is that right? should I harvest some of it or just keep it in the ground and harvest as needed through the dry season? That is what I do with the tumeric...

Bel said...

I don't bother digging all my ginger up at once, I just poke around when I need some. Soon, it will die down a bit if it's cool enough there, and that is when the harvest is at its peak, same as tumeric. But it's fine to leave it all in the ground and see how it lasts there (often better than in the fridge). Or you can harvest and dry/preserve/freeze etc too.