Saturday, 19 March 2011

Autumn Equinox Garden Update

It's the Autumn Equinox this weekend... A lovely full "super moon" and time to check off some items on the To Do list...

What we have managed so far...
* Planted trees in gaps left by Yasi (about ten)
* Transplanted trees from near the chook pen
* Cut back all summer bean, luffa etc vines and used to top up the empty raised beds and mulch behind the greenhouse
* Cardboard on garden paths again, but no sawdust yet
* Tidied up the bananas some more, checked for suckers to transplant
* Collected some dry leaves and other organic matter for compost and raised beds
* Bought some mulch hay (but I need more!)

What is still to be done...
* Divide ginger and arrowroot and plant these in other places
* Check Tahitian spinach, African yam, Golden Taro and other Taro for dividing and planting out
* Harvest sweet potato and plant runners everywhere, especially under the bananas
* Brushcutting behind vegetable gardens, around trellises
* Trim the passionfruit vine a lot
* Weed the vegie gardens and paths, fill compost (1/3 done, 2/3 to go!)
* Choose seeds and start seedlings (next rising moon, I cheated and bought seedlings last week!)
* Gather soil and compost and take to gardens
* Rake out chook house for more manure for compost

So we're about half-way with the Autum garden preparation. It has still been very wet almost every day, but I've been blessed to have two sunny days in the gardens and I even enlisted some help today with pulling down the crazed bean vines!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are very busy in your garden. My list never seems to end when it comes to the garden - always something to do.
Hope you planted some nice trees in the Yasi made spots.